Thursday, October 2, 2008

LAR Grizzly Mark 1 For Sale!

No longer available...

.45 win mag Grizzly with one mag and a conversion set for .357 with two mags Purchased in the late 80's and sent to the factory for the dual recoil spring upgrade. I used this for hunting when living in Calif., I have not hunted in 11 years and this is collecting dust. (read, the money would be happier elsewhere) The Grizzly also comes with a .357 conversion kit with 2 mags only used a couple of times, and 200 plus of brass about half in boxes. The1994 4 page grizzly color brochure with "new: mark IV 44 and 50 on the bottom, and the price page for the grizzly for 1989.

The pistol, the .357 conversion kit with extra mag, 200 plus of brass about half in box and the brochure and price list for $1350 plus shipping and xfer fees.

Email any inquiries to: Erik

Thanks for looking...

For sale:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sun Devil SD-15 AR-15 Style Rifle, Billet Lower Receivers

I know this is a Grizzly blog... mostly because I started it :) Anyway, I like to shoot all sorts of guns and one of my favorite firearms to shoot is a high quality, super accurate AR-15. I have owned many, many AR platform rifles of all shapes, sizes and price points. I ran across the absolute best AR-15's I have ever seen a couple of years ago... They are made by Sun Devil Mfg. in Mesa Arizona. My 20 inch model will outshoot every AR I have ever owned and even some of the bench-rest bolt action rigs I have owned. I am such a big fan, that I started a blog about them as well.

If any of you are interested, please visit my Sun Devil AR-15 Blog

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LAR Grizzly Stuff For Sale!

For sale:

• One complete set of RCBS reloading dies in 45 Win Mag caliber.
• 137 WW brand 45 Win Mag brass, all tumbled some primed.
• One replacement magazine spring for 45 Win Mag.
• One LAR Grizzly factory combo wrench for barrel bushing and compensator.

Will sell all parts and accessories for $85 plus shipping.

If you are interested... please email inquiry here: Grizzly stuff